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Plan your corporate event with MOI Montreal!

Are you looking for a unique venue for your corporate event? MoI Montreal is just the place! In our customizable and brandable space, we accommodate all kinds of corporate events designed for your specific needs. Let’s make it happen!

Our museum is not just a place to see optical illusions, it’s a place to interact with them. Our exhibits are designed to challenge your perceptions and spark your imagination, making it the perfect destination for corporate events – from team-building activities to product launches and everything in between. Our experienced staff will work with you to create a memorable and immersive experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

For more information or to book your time, contact us through the contact form or email us at [email protected]

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Let's get started with your special event!

Are you ready for Museum of Illusions Montreal to blow your mind? Contact us for an experience curated for your specific needs.

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    • “We had the best time today! Would definitely recommend it as a fun family outing, date day or nights with friends!”

      Jenna Williams

    • “This was so much fun. Strongly recommend you check it out. The staff are so helpful and friendly.”

      Mary Smith

    • “We had amazing time at the Museum! We have awesome pictures and memories to share with our family!”

      Sarah Harris

    • “A fabulous afternoon spent here. Well worth a visit!”